How to Direct Deposit Payroll

Establishing Direct Deposit of Payroll

Our routing and transit number is 255083597.  You will need this number and your account number to establish Direct Deposit.

Visit mHUb if you work for Marriott International or RItz-Carlton to use the Direct Deposit self-service feature. If you work for a different employer, you may use our Direct Deposit form and provide it to your Human Resources department.

Should you need additional help on how to set-up Direct Deposit, feel free to use our "How To Request Direct Deposit" document.

After establishing your direct deposit with the credit union, you can initiate automatic transfers to conveniently make deposits into our club accounts, to save for retirement with an IRA, or to make timely payments on your loans.  Simply sign into our online banking program to have the control of managing these recurring transfers yourself. Or, you may complete our Automatic Transfer Authorization form and return to it to us.  Upon receipt of a fully completed form, we will establish the automatic transfers for you.