Loans Under $2500

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IMPORTANT : read these directions before completing this application.  Check the appropriate box where marked if applying for join credit - we cannot process this application otherwise.

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If you are applying for individual credit, you agree you are applying solely in your own name and are relying on your own income and/or assets and not the income or assets of another person as the basis for repayment of the credit requested.

If you are applying for joint credit with another person, provide information about the joint applicant or user below.
Applicant's Information
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Applicant's Employment Information

Co-Applicant's Information (if applicable)
Co-Applicant's Personal References (If Applicable)
Co-Applicant's Employment Information (If Applicable)

Personal Financial Information

**Alimony, child support and separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying the loan.



Unless I have checked the "No" box below, I authorize the Credit Union to: (a) deduct $10 per week plus my loan payment from my payroll and deposit it into a designated share savings account; and (b) make automatic deductions of my actual loan payments from the designated share savings account. Those not employed by Marriott International must see their Human Resources department for a direct deposit authorization form to make regular deductions from their pay.

I warrant the truth of my application information- oral, by phone, written, by electronic means or faxed and authorize you, your employees and agents to investigate and verify any information I provide. I authorize my employer or its agent to provide employment, compensation and demographic information about me to you.

If approved for any Feature Category contained in a Credit Lines Account Program, I agree that I am contractually liable according to the applicable terms of the Credit Line Account Agreement and Disclosure, a copy of which I will receive upon credit approval, and I promise to pay back all amounts charged to my account or advanced to me, plus accrued interest, according to its terms. If this is a joint application, I agree that such liability is joint and several.
Pledge of Shares
I pledge and grant the Credit Union a security interest in my shares with the Credit Union or shares hereafter acquired to secure this loan and any other amounts I owe the Credit Union, now or in the future. I further agree that the Credit Union may apply those share holdings to pay any amount due in the event of default.
Optional Credit Insurance
Credit insurance disclosure for open end loans are furnished separately. Contact MEFCU for details. Insurance is not required to obtain credit. (NOTE: You must check the appropriate boxes below.) Credit Life and/or Credit Disability Insurance is not required to obtain credit and will be included only if authorized below by you. Each month, the insurance charge is calculated by multiplying the total of the remaining scheduled loan payments by the rate shown below. You must be under age 65 to request the insurance. For Credit Disability Insurance, you must be actively and physically at work for wages or profit for at least 30 hours per week for a period of not less than 14 days immediately prior to each advance for the insurance to take effect for that advance. Only the primary borrower is eligible for Credit Disability. Joint Life Insurance covers only a spouse who is a co-applicant. Refer to your Certificate of Insurance for other important details of your coverage. By checking below, you are applying to Minnesota Life Insurance Company and agree to pay the premium for the coverage selected.

Monthly premium Rates Per $1,000 of Outstanding Principal Balance
If this loan is approved, please...

Deposit to my MEFCU Checking Account (S5)
(Funds will be restricted until the signed loan agreement is received by the Credit Union)

Deposit to my MEFCU Savings Account (S1)
(Funds will be restricted until the signed loan agreement is received by the Credit Union)

Hold Check at Credit Union Office for Pick-up

Overnight Check to Property (express mail fee will apply)

Mail Check to Property
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