Small Loans for Big Needs

Our quick, affordable small loans could give you the money you need, when you need it.

Signature Loans*

  • Sometimes you need extra cash to pay a bill, make an emergency purchase or to take a last-minute trip. Borrow as little as $500.

Secured Loans

  • Put your money to work for you! Use your Share Account or Share Certificate balance as collateral to qualify for a low-rate loan. Plus your deposits continue to earn dividends! The amount of your loan cannot exceed your balance and certificate secured loans can be financed up to certificate term. 

Secured Visa Credit Card

  • Those in need of establishing credit or rebuilding it can take advantage of our Secured Visa Credit Card. Our Secured Visa Credit Card includes a low annual fee of $25, no cash advance fee and the same low rate for purchases with credit lines that start as low as $500.

Overdraft Protection*

  • A source of funds for any need you have, any time you need it. Apply for a Ready Access Line of Credit with a $500 minimum line amount and make sure your checking account is protected up to your available limit. There are no annual or access fees.

    *There is a minimum credit score to qualify. Must be a member in good standing.