Share Accounts & Rates

MEFCU Share Accounts and Rates

Share Accounts

MEFCU offers a variety of account options to meet your changing financial needs at any time in your life. Whether you're saving for a house, college, car, vacation, retirement, or virtually anything else, you will find what you need in our selection of share accounts with a variety of rates, terms, access options, and other member-friendly features:

  • Savings accounts for your entire family

  • Club accounts are an efficient, disciplined way to save

  • Money market accounts--earn higher dividends with the liquidity of a checking account

  • Certificates--higher rates of return with a choice of terms

  • Checking accounts—select from Free Checking with Direct Deposit, or interest bearing Regular Checking.

  • IRAs and Educational Savings Accounts--save for retirement or college, with tax benefits


MEFCU's share accounts are all federally insured up to at least $250,000, providing added security and protection. IRA accounts are separately insured.