Overdraft Protection

MEFCU Overdraft ProtectionAvoid the embarrassment and cost of overdrafts with MEFCU overdraft protection options. Cover overdrafts through your savings or other share accounts, or apply for a Ready AccessLine of credit to make automatic transfers, up to your credit limit, when you need more funds in your checking account.  


Keep Overdraft Protection On Your Accounts
Overdrafts for ATM withdrawals and certain debit card purchases will not be covered and your transactions may be declined unless you contact us at 1-800-821-7280 to continue receiving all of these benefits.

Automatic Transfers from Shares--Service Features:

  • Automatic withdrawals from designated share accounts (subject to account terms and regulations)

  • A low fee may apply for transfers (waived for Concierge members)

Ready AccessLine of credit--Account Features:

  • Automatic advances in increments of $50 to cover checking overdrafts

  • No annual fee or access fee.

  • Credit limits up to $30,000 available.

  • See Ready AccessLine for more information, or to apply.